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Yageo announces the removal of R-Chip Commodity 0603/0805/1206 markingUpdate:2013-05-28
Yageo announces the removal of Resistance Marking on R Chip (case sizes 0603/0805/1206) commodity from March 1st 2013. This is to reduce unnecessary chemical usage for environmental protection purposes.
The label on the reel will continue to serve to identify the product resistance value. The product performance, features, specifications, manufacturing process and location will all remain the same. The elimination of the value marking on the product appearance has no impact on the product functionality, and customers can feel free to use it for their current applications.
Yageo has already provided no resistance marking on R Chip case sizes 0402/0201/01005, and on the entire MLCC family. Given that Yageo is devoted to being eco-friendly, we have decided to eliminate the marking on the R Chip of the sizes of 0603/0805/1206. This change has been accepted by many customers. All of the updated datasheets can be found on Yageo website.