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Yageo announces anti-sulfur thick film automotive grade chip resistorsUpdate:2014-05-30
Yageo Corporation, the global leading passive component maker launches anti-sulfur thick film automotive grade chip resistors – the AA series. The AA series is compliant to AEC-Q200, features superior anti-sulfur capability, robust product design, it is developed to meet the market demand for stability, high precision and accuracy, as sulfur contamination has become a more prevalent concern.
The AA series was manufactured with better inner termination materials, which makes them much less susceptible to failure in high sulfur environment. The robust product is designed for use in harsh environments, with high temperature and high humidity resistance (85°C; 85% RH), and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +155°C. . The AA series passed the ASTM-B-809 Flowers of Sulfur testing.