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      Winbond Electronics Corporation was founded in September 1987, 1995 at the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Today's Winbond Memory IC company in a professional positioning, the main business include product design, R & D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, committed to the design and production of advanced semiconductor technology, providing customers with special specifications of memory solutions .
       Winbond to "DRAM Product Business Group", "Flash Memory IC Business Group" and "Memory IC Manufacturing Business Group," the three business groups, the constant pursuit of product and technological innovation, in order to implement a competitive advantage. DRAM products, which specializes in high-speed and low-power memory core design technology, the introduction includes Specialty DRAM, and Pseudo SRAM, and Low Power SDRAM of Mobile RAM products can be widely used in consumer (Consumer), communication (Communication) , computer peripherals (Computer Peripheral) and automotive electronics (Automobile) and other four areas, while a double data rate (Double Data Rate / DDR) Graphics DRAM-GDDR products, then lock personal computers, game consoles and multimedia applications the market for high-performance and high-speed graphics memory solutions needs.